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Our Commitment

Global Outsource Group initially started our distribution fulfillment services in 2016.  Provided quality goods to retail outlets  through out the United States.

The recent occurrences this past year, 2020 has shifted our focus to provide our experience to the medical industry.  Our drive is to do our part to ensure the safety to everyone by delivering quality certified products to those in need.

We are currently expanding our services to become a reliable source globally

Reliable Partnership

We ensure that every manufacturer we partner with provide the best quality product at reasonable pricing. Each company would require to go through an extensive Quality Assurance test in which our team would check on the background of a company, call references, review certifications and test samples of their products.


Our Medical Supplies

All the supplies we offer from syringes, to masks, gloves, medical ID bracelets and gowns we ensure that every product we deliver are at the highest standards in the industry to keep both the frontliners and patients healthy and safe.  Our company has exceptional delivery service and is sensitive to your urgent needs.  

Therefore, we put every effort to do our part in improving the quality of care in all aspects of the health care industry.  Not one partner is the same, therefor we tend to the needs of the health care provider on a one-on-one basis, listening to their needs of their care facilities and more importantly the service they provide to their patients that need them the most.

We make sure we deliver with urgency and at a cost-effective means.

We provide the attention and care you deserve

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